Fish Leather Works is a pioneer in the USA in utilizing tanned fish leather. It is a small craftswoman company devoted to meticulously handmade and unique purses. These unique, customized, exclusive purses are designed with a warm, soft palette and with a superb quality and craftsmanship.

Each purse is designed, handmade and tailored with customer delight and satisfaction in mind, paying attention to every detail to create these beautiful, exclusive purses. Our artisans are not just outstanding and talented but also bring tremendous passion into the art of transforming fish leather into a genuine gem. Marli purses are in limited editions to satisfy a select and sophisticated, demanding clientele.

The art of working with fish leather demands a highly skilled craftsperson with a very distinctive skill set of master craftsmanship possessed by only a few artisans. Different fish species have different scales patterns. These scales patterns can also change along the body of the fish. Therefore, each piece of leather is hand selected to match the artistic, leather patterns desired in our unique designs.

Our concern with protecting the environment led us to search for materials that could be transformed or recycled. Our leathers are refined through a process that employs only 100% vegetable tanning without any chrome or other harming metals to the environment.

Fish leather is considered an exotic and unique raw material produced and utilized only in few countries, therefore, making it very desirable and exclusive.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to customers who seek a unique, exclusive, sophisticated and handmade superior quality product in a limited edition. Committed to an environment and work-friendly atmosphere and simultaneously, encouraging innovation, diversity, teamwork to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction.



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